Review & Ethics Policy

A Peer Reviewed Journal :

Middle Flight   operates a blind peer review policy. Not a single paper is accepted without due recommendation from the reviewers. It is made clear in the CFP as well as in the policy statement that to honour the decision of the reviewer is one of our abiding policies. We affirm that we make no compromise in this regard and we are under no obligation in this regard as because we accept no processing fees or any fees whatsoever.

Review Process / Framework

Manuscript is reviewed exhaustively by the editors and the reviewers. A paper is sent to a reviewer who has expertise in the same field as the paper belongs to. To honour the recommendation of the reviewer has been our resolve from the outset. The steps in the review process are as follows –

  • ·        Plagiarism Report: Preparation of Plagiarism Report by the Chief Editor and the Co-editor. A paper replete with highly plagiarized words and ideas not duly acknowledged are summarily rejected. They are subjected to no further processing.
  • ·        Formation of Initial Response: Initial report on a paper is made either by the Chief Editor or by the Co-editor or by any senior member of the editorial and advisory board who is ready to spare some time to give a cursory reading to the paper.
  • ·        Formation Review Report: A paper is sent to one of the panel reviewers who has expertise / specialisation in the field as the paper belongs to. Adequate time is given to the reviewer to send the report. A review guideline available on the journal website is also sent to the reviewer for his or her convenience. Usually a reviewer sends report within a month.
  • ·        Final decision by the Guest Editor of eminence of a given volume:
  • The above mentioned three reports / responses are duly communicated to the Guest Editor who examines everything and gives the final call.
  • ·        Communication of Report to the Contributor:
  • A brief review report is duly communicated to the contributor in time.

Publication Ethics

We strictly maintain ethics of publication. We accept neither any processing fees nor any publication charge. The Governing Body of the concerned college from where the journal is launched bear the expenses of journal publication. This is made amply clear in the call for paper (CFP) as well as on the website.

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