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Introduction :

One might catch in the name Middle Flight   (ISSN 2319-7684), a peer reviewed non-profit, national, print journal on English literature and culture the echo of what John Milton writes in the invocation to his epic The Paradise Lost –

                                                   I then

Invoke thy aid to my adventrous Song,

That with no middle flight intends to soar

Above th’ Aonian Mount, while it pursues

Things unattempted yet in Prose or Rhyme.

Middle Flight is also reminiscent of the perennial yearning in all of us to take to small , home-bound ‘flights’ of imagination (like that of Wordsworth’s skylark perhaps) which is the life-breath of any creativity. The name also connotes that, unlike Iacrus, one should desist from being presumptuous.


The idea of publishing a journal from the department of English , Sukumar Sengupta Mahavidyalaya occurred to the teachers of the department on the eve of a state level seminar on “Re-reading Shakespeare and Donne” held in 2012 . The name and idea was approved by Professor T. D. Purkayastha , a poet and teacher of eminence , among others. Tremendous effort was required to make it possible. Print copy of the journal was sent to the ISSN authority, New Delhi who kindly assigned ISSN, a step that emboldened us to go ahead. Middle Flight is being published since that time without any year lag.


The journal primarily aims to create a shared space to engage in literary and cultural conversations among the students, researchers and teachers of arts and literature. The journal purports to publish critical and scholarly writings, interviews, book reviews on literatures and cultures from across different parts of India.

Publication Charge

Middle Flight   does not charge any manuscript processing fee
or any fee whatsoever from the contributors simply because we have no profit making policy and the Governing Body of the concerned college has resolved to bear the expenses of journal publication.

Frequency statement

Middle Flight   is an annually published print journal without any approved online version. The language of publication is English. As per announcement in the Call for papers it is published in the month of November every year. The Call for papers is aired through our journal and other websites well in advance.

Open Access Statement

Through website of the concerned college, Middle Flight   provides open access to all its content with a view to expedite free research conversations. We firmly believe that the open-access policy of the journal shall provide larger readership to the author(s). The journal would also grant judicious readers immense exposure to innovative and qualitative researches in the fields of literature and culture from across India. The journal is free to access from any corner of the world.

Scope / Focussed Areas

  • ·         Cultural Studies
  • ·         Critical Approaches to Literature and Arts
  • ·         Emerging Critical Theories involving literature Studies
  • ·         Performance Studies
  • ·         Gender Studies: critical discussion, case study, survey.
  • ·         Environmental Studies and the theories of Evolution
  • ·         Animal Studies
  • ·         Discussion on the New Literatures in English
  • ·        Old-age representations in literature
  • ·        Literature as witness
  • ·        Literature versus stress and trauma
  • ·        Counter-discourse in literature
  • ·        Apostasy in literature
  • ·        Devotional literature
  • ·        Indian English Writings
  • ·        British Literature
  • ·        Subaltern and Dalit Studies
  • ·        War Poetry
  • ·        Literature and Quest for Identity
  • ·        Literature and Religion
  • ·        Discussion on dedicative , Gothic and Cartoon literature

Launched from
The Department of English,
Sukumar Sengupta Mahavidyalaya

Website and other Details
Journal Website: https://ssmahavidyalaya.org.in/middle-flight
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Phone: 03227 250 861
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Contact no. of Chief Editor: 9474892290
College Founded: 2004
Affiliation: Vidyasagar University

Permanent Address

Post Office: Keshpur P.S. – Anandapur
Dist : Paschim Medinipur
West Bengal 721122 India

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