Submission Guidelines

Submission Guideline for Authors

Papers contributors may kindly note that they need not pay any processing fee or submission fee or any fee whatsoveer to publish his or her paper in Middle Flight journal. It is a part of our non-profit free publication policy.

Submission Guideline

  • Send your paper in two word-documents (MS 2007) –
  • Word-doc. No.01: Abstract, Keywords and the paper written in English language only
  • Word-docs. No.02 : Brief bio-note containing your name and designation (verifiable from your institutional website), complete mailing address, institutional address (with website details), Research area/Specialization (if any), mail-id, contact details and a duly signed declaration that yours is an original work and has not been sent anywhere else in part or full for publication.
  •          Paper size: A4; Font type & font size: Times New Roman, 12; Spacing: 1.5; Margin: 1 inch on all four sides.
  •          Documentation: Authors are to follow the Seventh Edition of MLA handbook. This is important in view of the fact that many of the papers are rejected on grounds of poor documentation. A paper without a duly prepared works-cited list will not be accepted. Don’t use Footnotes. Use Endnotes, if required.
  •          Word – range: 3000- 5000 words (including Works Cited List)
  •          It is imperative that authors follow strict ethics of writing papers and duly acknowledge borrowings in any form.
  •          Rejected papers won’t be sent back to the contributor. Only the message of rejection will be communicated through mail and it is not obligatory for the editors to send any detailed review report. The reviewers/editors reserve the right to introduce any type of change in an accepted paper/reject any paper if it is not in harmony with the standard requirements of our journal.
  •          Send (electronic version only) to: [email protected]
  •          Papers submitted for publication are subject to Copyright Act.

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